Haunted Swamp

Carleton Farm's Frights -Haunted Attractions-4x's the Fright

Haunted Swamp Rules & Policies

  • No intoxicants or consumption of alcohol. Individuals who appear intoxicated, consume alcohol or smell of alcohol will be removed from the Maze. No exceptions.

  • Stay on trail at ALL times. This is for your safety! The darkness, brush, uneven ground, props and water hazards are dangers that are off trail, so stay on trail for your safety!

  • No running

  • No smoking

  • No intentional touching of actors. As part of the scare, actors will approach you suddenly, but they will NOT touch you.

  • No flash cameras, video cameras/video taping or flashlights of any kind allowed. Please turn off cell phones.

Sorry, No Refunds

We have a strong ZERO TOLERANCE policy for violation of any of these rules. If one person in your group violates the rules, the WHOLE group will immediately be removed from Carleton Farm. These rules are intended to keep you, other customers and our actors safe.