Haunted Swamp

4 Attractions-4x's the Fright

Thanks for the great season! Looking forward to scaring you in 2018!!

Haunted Swamp

This will be a timed ticketing attraction. We recommend you get tickets online! Ticketing will be live Sept. 16th.


They tell us there is nothing to fear in the cornfields near Lake Stevens...but we've heard their screams...

Carleton Farm Frights near Lake Stevens is your Fright destination. Gravel parking, gravel waiting areas, flat screens, fire pits and terror of fun. We are closer to I-5 than Snohomish.

Zombie Paintball Wagon Ride is our newer experience were you ride the wagon, shoot Zombies. But wait, I have to get off the wagon? After the shoot, you leave paintball guns behind and have to navigate a dark cornfield infested with Zombies. Haunted Swamp is our main haunt with sounds, lights, props, etc. This is a cornfield with a Swamp theme, so very little mud as we put sawdust on trails.

Rent one of our Fire Pits - great for groups

Bring your friends - you'll need them.

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Not recommended for children under 12. We have a daytime corn maze too!