Haunted Swamp

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Haunted Swamp
Haunted Swamp Haunted Swamp

Zombie Paintball Frenzy
This attraction combines a paintball ride and our Zombie Farm.
The entire experience takes approximately 30 minutes. This will be a timed ticket attraction, so you better get your tickets online.
Back Story: Looking for a few brave souls! A boat full of Zombies floating on Ebey Slough landed at our farm. Zombies have infested our fields and began to slaughter our farmhands. Now they too have turned into Zombies. More and more boat loads of Zombies arrive daily. Help us eradicate the Zombie invasion at Carleton's. You will be part of a Zombie Unit tasked with eradicating Zombies. You will board one of our Zombie Combat Wagons armed with 20 paintball guns and transported to Zombie Zone. Zombie scenes will have live Zombies and the Undead (dead farmhands not full Zombies yet) as targets. Shoot as many targets as you can with glowing paintballs. After the shooting frenzy, you will arrive at the back door to the Zombie Farm, a dark cornfield infested with Zombies. No paintball guns here. You must navigate your way back to the safety of the barn and keep alert for Zombies. Stealth mode is recommended.

Zombie Farm 


This is a mini, so a shorter than the Haunted Swamp, but creepy fun.  The farm's had a viral outbreak and Zombies prowl in the dark… yes, there are no lights! It's dark, dark, dark....  Keep quiet as Zombies react to sounds and will hunt you at all costs.  Stay clear of the barn where Zombie feast on their victims. Don't be their next meal!

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The Haunted Swamp

Farmer Bill

Blood curdling sounds haunt you as you navigate the trails. The Swamp Monster and his band of mutated beasts are around every corner waiting to preying on you. But wait…I have to choose a door? Choose your destination wisely! What’s behind the Door? Could it be Rotten Jack, or is it Susie and her Doll of Death Room? Susie loves dolls, but she never plays fair. Evil Clowns, Zombies and the Flesh House’s blood-crazed butcher are a few you may encounter. You will only survive if you make it to the jumping bridge,or will you?

New Scenes in the Haunted Swamp

The Evil Clowns of Swampville

Evil Clown

A new evil has come to the Haunted Swamp. Known as The Evil Clowns of Swampville, their only thought and desire is to instill fear and dread into the already nervous travelers of the Haunted Swamp.

Be warned that if you were not afraid of clowns before, you may never look upon them without some new found fear, after your encounter with The Evil Clowns of Swampville.

The Ghost Train of Ebey Slough

Ghost Train

The overpowering sound of a train horn shakes your inner being. “What was it?”, you wonder. You didn’t think there was a train in the cornfields of the Haunted Swamp. But, to your dismay you come to realize that it could be the Ghost Train of Ebey Slough.

Yes, it’s coming to try to capture the weary souls that are wondering the Haunted Swamp. The Ghost Train of Ebey Slough will strike shocking fear into the hearts of all in it’s haunted path.

No-haunt Dark Maze 

Don't want to be freightened, but not afraid of the dark? Explore our "unhaunted" corn maze with freinds and family.
Bring your flashlight, sturdy shoes and bravery.

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Not recommended for children under 12. We have a daytime corn maze too!



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